Tips for World Backup Day

30 Mar 2016 by Insight Partner Blog

Happy World Backup Day! While I really hope you haven’t waited 365 days since the last WBD to back up your critical data, here are some tips you may wish to consider in the coming year:

Backing Up Big Data: Big data initiatives leverage new approaches and technologies to store, index and analyze huge data sets, while minimizing storage requirements and driving faster outcomes. However, as companies begin these initiatives, they often forgo applying data protection and disaster recovery routines to these large data sets sitting outside their traditional systems and infrastructures due to complexity, performance and cost issues. Every day, but especially on World Backup Day, it’s important to remember to back up your big data sets – or risk data loss, should an incident occur.

When Traditional Backups Don't Make Sense: Enable more active archive with the ability to create natively accessible secondary copies (REST/FS/APIs) where backup doesn’t make economic, performance, nor accessibility sense, like with rich media, pictures, genomics, video, etc. On World Backup Day, talk to your team to see if natively accessible secondary copies might be a fit for your organisation and its data.

Intelligent Incremental Capture Is Your New BFF: The reduction of backup copy windows through intelligent incremental capture for files and applications opens opportunities to dramatically reduce workload impact during data protection operations while providing downstream efficiencies in network and storage utilisation. Only reading, moving and storing the unique changed blocks reduces bandwidth and storage requirements for ongoing recovery operations and dramatically improves RPO and RTO speed. World Backup Day is the perfect day to consider this option for your organisation.

Tips for World Backup Day first appeared on the Commvault Blog.