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SQL Server vs. Other RDBMSs: How It Ranks

13 Apr 2017 by Howard M Cohen

SQL Server is a leader in performance.

In a brand-neutral, nonprofit industry benchmark test by TPC, SQL Server outperformed other Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs) in the top three categories. SQL Server ranked No. 1 for TPC-H nonclustered 10TB performance — a world record. The TPC Benchmark H offers an industry-wide standard perspective; the ranking demonstrates the ability of the new SQL Server to run with vast amounts of data and quickly execute complex queries.

SQL Server delivers mobile business intelligence.

Data is as valuable as your uses for it. SQL Server 2016 has taken business analytics seriously by giving all users easy, intuitive access from desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Users can send, share and publish reports from anywhere — even if they’re offline. Plus, users can employ the tools they’re familiar with, such as Excel and Power BI, to manipulate business intelligence on the front end.

SQL Server boasts the fastest in-memory processing power available on the market today. Speed is mission-critical for every business, but for businesses that rely heavily on transactions, such as banks, it’s an absolute deal breaker. The in-memory capabilities of SQL Server 2016 provide lightning-fast answers to complex queries, and quick responses on the front end to business customers.

Top-notch security comes standard.

Unlike other solutions, SQL Server 2016 runs with strong security features from the start. Its new layered security approach includes Always Encrypted, which safeguards your data whether it’s at rest or in transit. And for the past six years, SQL Server has been ranked the least vulnerable platform on the market by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability Database.1

Get serious about your analytics.

SQL Server 2016 delivers in-database advanced analytics. That means you can take your data questions wherever they may lead you. Unstructured data, structured or external data — it doesn’t matter — the new SQL Server puts the power of R Services to good use. R is a totally open-source platform that gives you the power to perform complex queries. Even better, you can create your own predictive algorithms, which will allow you to glean smarter business insights.  

Finally, in SQL Server 2016, the analytics sit close to the data. This cuts your costs, reduces your risk and mitigates the need for you to put valued resources to work just to shift data around so it’s ready to be analyzed.

Cloud-ready from day one

SQL Server 2016 was built specifically for a hybrid cloud. When you query data in the cloud or on premises, it’s a non-issue. Users have the exact same experience every time, with every query.

And you’re in charge. You choose the cloud you prefer — public, hosted or private. You also select the format and the amount of data you wish to “stretch” to the cloud.

Enable your business to soar.

SQL Server 2016 is much more than a relational database management system. It’s your business’s under-the-bonnet data engine, built for the cloud. It powers hybrid cloud transactions, deep analytics and mobile business intelligence swiftly. When you compare SQL Server to competing RDBMSs and evaluate the impressive list of innovative features in the new SQL Server, you just might find yourself planning a migration.

1 National Institute of Standards and Technology. (2015, May 4). National Vulnerability Database.

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